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A gift from Mexico/ Move over MLK

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Barkley L. Hendricks - Tyrone Smith, 1976.

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  “I play in rock bands and I teach music at a high school, but it’s summer now so I’m not teaching. It’s really hard for me to relax and unwind because I normally work seven days a week. I’m used to schedules: these are my fifteen minutes to relax, etc. Now that it’s summer, I work on weekends at a shoe store. I have five days off—I don’t have to go to work until Saturday. For most people that’s probably the most freeing thing about summer, but I feel suffocated by all that free time. I can’t wake up Monday morning and say, ‘Oh, great, I’ll go back to sleep.’ I feel anxious, like I’m going to have a panic attack. I feel like I have to do something great with the day because it’s so precious. So I filled my free time with things that were stressful.
     During the summers in past years, I would commit to every musical thing possible that I couldn’t commit to during the school year. I would agree to take part in projects, compose things, and do a million other stressful tasks. It was a mess. I’ve been getting better recently, though it’s still hard. Over the last year, I’ve started to realize that I can find ways to relax, though it’s taken the better part of my adult life to realize that. Now I sew, craft, and even make my own clothes sometimes. I’ve also learned that I really enjoy a glass of wine, a good book, and spending time with my friends.”

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Artist: Minnie Riperton
Trackname: Only When I'm Dreaming
Album: Come to My Garden

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Indian Hemp, Black Beauty - Chaka Khan, Black Glamour.


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Artist: Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Trackname: Stop On By
Album: Rufusized

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Ancient Egyptians Used Meteorites For Jewelry

Open University (OU) and University of Manchester researchers wrote in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science that they found proof that ancient Egyptians used meteorites to make accessories.

In 1911, archaeologists dug up strings of iron beads at the Gerzeh cemetery, about 43 miles south of Cairo. The Gerzeh bead is the earliest discovered use of iron by the Egyptians, dating back from 3350 to 3600 BC. The bead was originally thought to be from a meteorite based on its composition of nickel-rich iron, but scientists challenged this theory back in the 1980s. However, the latest research places this theory back on top.

The scientists used a combination of electron microscope and X-ray CT scanner analyses to demonstrate that the nickel-rich chemical composition of the bead confirms its meteorite origins.

Philip Withers, a professor of materials science at University of Manchester, said meteorites have a unique microstructural and chemical fingerprint because they cooled incredibly slowly as they traveled through space. He said it was interesting to find that fingerprint in the Gerzeh bead.

“This research highlights the application of modern technology to ancient materials not only to understand meteorites better but also to help us understand what ancient cultures considered these materials to be and the importance they placed upon them,” said Open University Project Officer Diane Johnson, who led the study.

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“When a woman writes you a poem, she spends time with the gods on your behalf.”
— Aja Monet (via Swanfeather Songs)
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Artist: Tim Maia
Trackname: Ela Partiu

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