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Barkley L. Hendricks, Stanley 1971

Sep 6,2014
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Lena Horne, Backstage at Chez Paree, Chicago, 1947

Sep 6,2014
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Artist: Ibeyi
Trackname: River

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a few hairs by d. marvi

my relationship with my unibrow is tempestuous. some days i hide it away, plucking out each hair with hatred. others, i smooth it down lovingly with rosewater and feed it coconut oil at night to hasten it’s growth. these hairs are one of the many ways i’m navigating my own body while i navigate the liminal space of diaspora. my unibrow evokes both the racial privileged of the homeland and the racial alienation of the hostland. painting my unibrow gold can be seen as an act of beautification and self-acceptance. conversely, it can be seen as self-orientalization, or, making a prominent physical sign of my racial “otherness” even more so. or, simply, it could be an innocent whimsy. i choose to keep the meaning of this as ambiguous as possible, to mimic my own fluid, love-hate relationship with my unibrow.

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Ebony (Before / After), 2010. || Lorna Simpson

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Still from Lorna Simpson's Momentum, 2011, at Salon 94 Bowery, New York

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Diana Ross

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Anna May Wong's Certificate of Identity, August 18, 1924, National Archives at San Francisco.

She was born Wong Liu Tsong in 1905 in Los Angeles to a Cantonese-American family that had lived in America since at least 1855. However, being an American didn’t matter in a time when people of Chinese descent were being heavily legislated against. Beginning in 1909, any people of Chinese descent entering or residing in the US, regardless of the country of their birth, had to carry a Certificate of Identity with them at all times. Even at the peak of her fame, Wong still had to carry papers like the one above to prove she was allowed to be here. Read the rest of the article.

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Opera singer Kiri Te Kanawa, 1967

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Remnants, Decay, and Ruth. 

July. 14’

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Artist: Gabor Szabo
Trackname: Stormy

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One of my favorite times of the year African Festival of the Arts where there’s so much love!

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 Mo’ne Davis

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Artist: Donald Byrd
Trackname: Stepping Into Tomorrow
Album: Stepping Into Tomorrow